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    Generation III codename: Big Bertha

     Big Bertha is my first foray into not using ratios for determining the gun configuration.  I must say having a longer barrel on your spud gun is like having one on a rifle, the projectile flies straighter, faster, and makes a lot more noise, well if you use as much hair spray as I do!  I have achieved some interesting results with Big Bertha using golf balls for projectiles, which you can read about at the Range Photos.

     Vital Stats

Chamber Length - 24"
Chamber Width - 4"
Barrel Length - 58"
Barrel Width - 2"
Overall Length - 82"


P9260007.JPG (64852 bytes)  I got the bright idea to simulate a shooting sand bag by substituting a topsoil bag, which actually worked really well because it kept the shape of the barrel.
P9260008.JPG (63914 bytes)  Another down the barrel view, again I made sure it was unloaded and uncapped. 
P9260009.JPG (53104 bytes)  Showing down the length of the gun, its a little awkward to hold, but its a fun one to shoot.
P9260010.JPG (61539 bytes)  A detail shot of the wires and the hot glue used to prevent the spark from jumping outside of the chamber.  Notice the twist connecters on the wires, this lets me move my igniter from one gun to another very easily.